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Volunteers, please remember that if you would like to volunteer and have not completed the online application and finger printing procedures, you need to do so in order to volunteer at school or attend any field trips.

ALL persons volunteering in Eagle County School District educational facilities must complete the online application (see below).

Volunteer Guidelines

1. Volunteers need to complete an online application. If they applied last year, they do not need to apply again. This only needs to be done one time.
2. Once the immediate background check is completed, this person has been approved to volunteer at that school.
3. An email will be sent to the volunteer regarding information about getting fingerprints done.
4. If the immediate background check reveals unacceptable information, Human Resources will contact the applicant regarding these matters.
5. If someone cannot or will not get their fingerprints done, they may not volunteer.
6. If someone is a school district employee, they do not need to go through the volunteer process.